Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 32/64Bits

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Google Chrome Offline Installer 32 / 64 Bits



When you Download Software from Official Websites, They get you Downloads which contain very Small Size as it’s a Stub Installer or a Net Installer, And then when you start installing it, It again starts to Download the Software from the Installer Program & Again it takes so much time, Of course, it wastes your time. SoftwareOI provides you Every Software’s Offline Installer also known as StandAlone Installer just like Chrome Offline Installer, Just One Click Download & One-Click Install. 100% Safe & Virus Free.

SoftwareOI is providing you Google Chrome Offline Installer for Free, Just One Click Download & One-Click Installation That’s It, Isn’t it very Easy, Safe & Reliable for you instead of Downloading the Entire Software after Downloading it from the Official Link, That’s Why We Provide you Offline Installers of Software’s to make your things Easy & Reliable. Don’t forget to share this Google Chrome Offline Installer with Others too.

After Downloading the Offline Installer, You can Install it while being Offline (without Internet Connect) too.

Offline Installer Requirements:-

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems, both Editions are Eligible, 32 (x86) or 64 (x64) both Versions are compatible.

A Web Browser is a Most Important thing on Computers, as it’s the only way to spend the time Online inside a Web Browser, To use things like Email, Social Media, YouTube, Online Shopping, Read Daily News. All these things are done by a Fast, Secure & Relevant Web Browser.

SoftwareOI presents you Offline Installer of the Fastest & Most popular browser of the year, Google Chrome Offline Installer.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very Simple, Secure & Faster Browser. Everyone on the Internet uses Google Chrome as it’s very Secure, It secures your Personal Data, Files, or Things. Chrome is the Best Browser for everyone as it gives you High Speed of Searching or Opening Websites, High Security which keeps your Personal Data or Thing Secure. It has Several Features too which are Beneficial for everyone using the Google Chrome Browser. Using a single box for everything, type in the web address or search in anything & get it opened in just a second.


Google Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome has a built-in Feature of Web Store, from the Web Store you can get your Favorite Theme as there are Thousand of Themes available for the Browser, It has more Useful thousand Apps & Extensions for you too.


Chrome Web Features



Desktop or Mobile whether it is, Chrome always has High Speed & Efficiency.

Optimized Tabs

Do you Like or Love to open more & more Tabs like Hundred Tabs? or Do you have a lot of things to Search or A lot of websites to Open on New Tabs? You can do it easily as Chrome Optimizes High-Speed Tabs.


Worried about your Password, Payment Details, Contact Details, or Home Address? You don’t need to worry anymore while using Google Chrome, Chrome stores all of these things & keep it Personal & Secure.


There are thousands of Extensions in Chrome Web Store which are very Useful & Helpful for you & your Browser.


Google Tools

It has Smart Tools to make you Free & More Focused.

Google Address Bar

Address Bar of Google uses Google Search which Fastly Answers you even before you while you’re typing, It’s very fast & simple. It also uses Google Drive.

Web Translation

It doesn’t matter you are on the Globe or on the Website which is on any other language you don’t Understand, Chrome let you Translate the entire Web Page in just a Single Click. Chrome automatically prompts a Translation when you’re needy.

Annoying Ads

Tired of Ads? or Having 18+ Ads which aren’t good for your Child/Family using Google Chrome? Chrome’s built-in AdBlocker blocks & removes annoying & bad Ads


When you sign in & turn on the Sync on Chrome you’ll get more what you love more. From a Tailored content feed to an address bar on your Phone that will search your Google Drive. Suited to you.

Up-to-Date Articles

While using your Phone on Chrome, Chrome surfaces the Content/Blog/Websites that Chrome think you might love. You’ll always have the Most Relevant Thing on your Finger Tips.


You don’t have to worry about security while you’re using Chrome nor you have to be a Security Expert to feel safe, As your Data & Personal Things are always safer than ever on Chrome because Chrome is exactly built to be Secure & Easy for everyone.

You Should Avoid Dangerous Websites

Chrome always Protects you from Dangerous & Harmful websites which might Steal your Password or Any kind of Personal Data, or which may infect your Windows with Viruses. If Chrome thinks something is Suspicious, Dangerous, or Harmful, It will WARN you.

Latest Chrome Security

Chrome automatically updates in every Six Weeks to keep you updated with Latest Security Features & Other Fixes. You don’t need to do any kind of Effort, Chrome will Itself do everything for you with its Security & Other Features as well.

Secure Browser (Now & Future)

Chrome is the most Safest & Secure browser in the Entire World. It’s Advance Technology that always keeps you safe from Security Threats.


You can use Chrome anywhere & anytime you want to, as it’s always compatible with Smart Phones, Tablets, PC or Laptops & also on Smart TV’s having Android Technology. So it’s on you always to be EveryWhere.


If you turn on Sync in your Chrome with your

Google Account, Chrome automatically always keeps you up with your Data on your Device, so you get the same experience everywhere no matter wherever you go.

Your Own

Make it your Own Way, But choosing & selecting the Theme you love. Add Extensions or Shortcuts to get it easy on your Most Used Sites. Or get a Custom Background of your own Personal/Professional Photo.

Big Screen

Whether you want to watch something on Youtube on a Big Screen, or if you want to hear your favorite music with your High Sound Speakers, Chrome always makes it easy to Cast About Anything.


Google Chrome Advantages:-

  • Google Chrome is an extreme Fastest browser. It can load & display your pages in Seconds. (Quick Time)
  • Chrome Web Browser is a very Secure Browser. It secures your Payment Details, Passwords & Other Personal Things.
  • Chrome has a Simple Theme, which makes users Easy-To-Use.
  • Google Chrome’s Startup page displays the Most Frequently Visited Website which allows you to Open them Quickly & Easily.
  • Google Chrome automatically Translate pages which are in other languages you don’t understand for your Convenience.
  • On The Chrome, you can search anything in its the address bar which is Linked to
  • On  Chrome, If any site crashes other tabs will not be affected.
  • Browser Chrome also gives you Secret Tabs (Incognito) on which you can Search/Visit websites that will not be recorded in the History.
  • Browser Chrome is faster than Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome DisAdvantages:-

  • Google Chrome takes High Memory & CPU Usage which will impact uses of Other Applications on your computer.
  • Whenever you close the Chrome while opening Multiple Tabs, Chrome wouldn’t warn you while Closing the Browser, which may impact on your work while you’ve opened any Important Tabs.

Though all of these Disadvantages don’t matter enough, Because Chrome is the Best Browser Ever, It’s very popular in the Entire World & It’s the Safest Browser ever which keeps your Personal Data or Things Safe.


Google Chrome Offline Installer Download Requirements


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.
  • An Intel Pentium 4 Processor.


  • 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+
  • An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later.

How to Download

Click on Download Links down here, and then Click on Accept & Download, It will Start Downloading Google Chrome Offline Installer.

Once Downloading Finishes, You can Install Google Chrome Offline Installer Easily without Internet Connection (Offline), Open the Setup & Install It.


Google Chrome Offline Installer 32/64Bits

Download Google Chrome Web-Installer 32/64 Bits | Chrome Web-Installer 32BitsChrome Web-Installer 64Bits

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 32/64Bits | Chrome Offline Installer 32BitsChrome Offline Installer 64Bits

Note:- Download Links are 100% Orignal & Safer for sure.

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